Meet the Factions

Once the collection is minted, 3 factions will be formed and operate as it’s own DAO. Each of the faction’s DAO wallets will be funded with an initial amount of $$$ by SSS as a kickstart. — DAO funds will be managed through the AstroDAO platform on $NEAR.


Our team of SIX is a tight knit group that found each other on the $SOL ecosystem through NFTs in 2021. With experience on multiple chains in crypto and NFTs.

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The SSS OG collection minted on the Near Blockchain on 24th January 2022 and our community is now nearly 9 months strong. During this time our in house dev has accomplished many things such as our worldwide holders map, $UTO mint, Utopia launchpad and coding our staking site all in one place on the Skellieverse site.

The team completely believes that as the Cryptocurrency/NFT sector grows its very likely that there will be multiple blockchains that will thrive. Solana's performance and growth with regards to NFT has been incredible to watch over the last year. Many of our holders are active investors in both Near and Solana. This collection will give SSS the exposure and opportunity for project growth.

Pre mint we will be releasing a multi chain portfolio app on iOS and Android. No sign up or connection required. Paste your wallet addresses into your profile and track all your favourite NFTs from Near/Solana/Ethereum/Polygon in one place.

The 5001 collection will be split into 3 categories based on a trait in the NFTs metadata. The armies will form their own DAOs and have a war chest of funds to strategically vote on where to allocate. Each NFT is a stake in the DAO and its war chest. There will also be an individual rewards wallet 'The Crypt' that will continuously bring value to holders.

All SSS holders of the Near collection will be able to claim the WL role. We will also have various collabs with other projects. WL role is a guaranteed mint however public supply will be a fair launch lottery system. This gives everyone a fair chance and avoids botting at launch.